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Looking for an experienced home entertainment contractor in the Kenosha area? If so, look no further than the Design Team – Southeast Wisconsin's premier Home Entertainment installers.

In addition to being a preferred Wisconsin Home Entertainment design/build company, we bring over 29 years of  remodeling expertise and guarantee our labor for a full year.

As part of our commitment to past and future customers, we offer a free, in-home consultation to answer your questions and determine if we can meet your exterior remodeling needs.

To arrange a free consultation, give us a call today at 262-358-9858 or use our online form to request a callback.

The design of your Home Theater is the single most critical element of the entire project. Design of any acoustic space, from professional studios to home theaters, is not based on a simple philosophy nor an equipment list. Acoustic design is the experienced application of science and physics to your home theater concept.

Remember, your private theater should not only look amazing, it should sound amazing. However, even the very expensive sound system is NOT going to sound good in a room that is not properly treated acoustically.

Every successful, and on budget, home theater project includes a comprehensive design and engineering plan. Acoustipower works closely with the homeowner, the architect, A/V Integrator, and interior designer to develop all the construction plans, engineering plans, and documentation before the construction of the project begins.

In comparison to the rest of the home, the theater, or screening room has its own set of rules. It’s in a world of its own and must be approached differently than the rest of the home from a design and construction standpoint.

To put it simply, people often do not realize how complicated the process is. From room aspect, soundproofing, speaker layout, lighting, risers and anywhere in between. Don’t worry, let us assist you go through the process.

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